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Security Awareness Training For Management

Security Awareness Training For Management (20 min.) In today's political climate, there's a need for a new sense of security awareness. When a terrorist organization cannot attack hard targets such as military or government installations because of heightened security in those locations, they may turn to other soft targets they feel are an easier target to strike. Hotels fit this soft target description. Each property must have a detailed written plan that outlines exactly what actions must be taken in the event of an emergency. All types of potential threats in emergency situations need to be included. This plan should be periodically reviewed for accuracy. All staff and personnel need to be trained in these emergency action plans. They are your first line of defense.

Topics included in this safety video are: prevention is crucial to good security, security level 2 - review emergency action plans, initiate chronological record of significant events, select remote temporary headquarters site, increase security patrols and mod tours, elevator access control, law enforcement liaison, inspect vacant rooms, loading dock, identify packages, parking, monitor entrances, fire pumps and fuel tanks, fire prevention systems, secure access rooms, hazardous chemicals, emergency contact list, occupancy report, security level 3, implement mail-screening procedures, guest identification, luggage inspection, vendor deliveries, access control, associate identification, vendor identification, roof access, and HVAC security.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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