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Treatment Plant Safety

Treatment Plant Safety (14 min.) Treatment plants are one of the most important parts of society's infrastructure. For without the purification of water and treatment of waste water, the way we live as a nation would not be possible. We must be ever grateful for the agencies and their dedicated professionals who work and train so diligently to provide fresh clean and safe drinking water and properly treated waste water. However, we need to recognize that the water/waste-water industry has a higher injury rate than mining, construction, or logging industries! This short video cannot possibly cover in depth all the risks and hazards of working in and around treatment plants, therefore it is imperative to work closely with your supervisor to ensure that you are fully trained and qualified prior to working within your treatment plant.

Topics included in this safety video are: safety procedures, aerosolscontaining microbiological and chemical constituents, orientation to the risks and hazards to include health hazards, emergency response and evacuation, chlorine and disinfection chemicals and processes, ladders and fall protection, control of hazardous energy, machine guarding, confined spaces, flammable and explosive environments, and maintenance activities, health hazards and chemical safety, lab safety, control of hazardous energy, plant maintenance safety, confined spaces, and chlorine and disinfectants chemicals.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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