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Asbestos Threat

Asbestos Threat (6 min.) Asbestos is not harmful unless inhaled. Non-flyable or non-crumbling asbestos is not a direct health threat. However, a growing public awareness that repeatedly inhaling heavy doses of asbestos dust has proven deadly to unprotected industrial workers can make living around the substance unnerving at times.But the deadly lung disease Asbestosis and some fatal cancers have been tied to breathing asbestos fibers over time, typically among those who worked around the dust before protective laws.

Topics covered in this safety video include: steam pipes/boilers/furnace ducts insulated with an asbestos blanket or asbestos paper tape, resilient floor tiles, cement sheet/millboard/paper used as insulation around furnaces and wood burning stoves, door gaskets in furnaces/wood stoves/coal stoves, soundproofing or decorative materials sprayed on walls and ceilings, patching and joint compounds for walls and ceilings and textured paints, asbestos cement roofing, shingles, siding, asbestos cement pipe, artificial ashes and embers, automobile brake pads and linings/clutch facings/gaskets, and preventing the inhalation of fibers.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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