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Emergency Responders - Bloodborne Pathogens

Emergency Responders - Bloodborne Pathogens (17 min.) Emergency medical responders save lives. Emergency responders are highly skilled professionals dedicated to their jobs and they perform these jobs above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. Regardless of the obstacles, the problems, the long hours, they come through in emergencies. The general public doesn't think about the services these professionals provide, they know the services will be there when and if the need arises. Whether you're a police officer, fire professional, industrial first aid or CPR trained person, Emergency Medical Technician, Correctional Officer, or other emergency responder, you have a big responsibility that requires a lot of skill, training, expertise, and dedication to the job. Emergency responders save lives.

Topics covered in this safety video include: bloodborne pathogens (BBP), AIDS, HBV or Hepatitis B, occupational safety and health administration, elements of an exposure control plan, personal hygiene and safe work practices, engineering controls, disinfectants, waste containers, personal hygiene, universal precautions, gloves, facemask and eye protection, approved sharps containers, containers for contaminated clothing, skin puncture, personal hygiene, needlestick, post exposure evaluation and follow up programs, medical records, warning labels, and red bags or containers may be used with biohazard labels and signs.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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