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Hand and Power Tool Safety (Schools)

Hand and Power Tool Safety (Schools) (14 min.) Hand and power tools cause thousands of injuries every year. Everyone uses hand and power tools at work and at home, but even the simple screwdriver causes over a hundred deaths each year. It's difficult to get excited about hand and power tools, but the injury rate tells us safety is extremely important when using this equipment. This program can't possibly cover all hand and power tools and all the safety rules associated with using these items, but the point we want to stress right up front is safety must be exercised every time anyone uses hand and power tools. Safety awareness is of vital importance, so let's begin the program with some basics.

Topics covered in this safety video include: good safety attitude, safety behavior, use equipment that is in good/safe/serviceable condition, wrenches, make sure the wrench opening fits snugly on the nut or bolt, use the proper tool for the job, cheater bar, 3 types of socket wrenches and sockets, damaged wrenches, bench vises, before you use any power tool, grounding, double insulation, never carry any equipment by the electrical cord, octopus receptacles and plugs, three-prong adapters, power drills, and portable handsaws.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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