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Vehicle Inspection (Trucking)

Vehicle Inspection (Trucking) (18 min.) Almost every driver knows that they're supposed to do a pre-trip inspection of their tractor and trailer before they leave the yard. They also know that they're required to perform and document another complete inspection when they finish their work for the day. What happens too often is that drivers either don't conduct these inspections at all, or they do them so quickly that they don't see the things they should identify needing repair. In this module, we're going to go over a technique for conducting a thorough vehicle inspection that will not only cover all the parts you need to check, but will also help you do the job quickly and efficiently.

Topics covered in this safety video include: tools necessary for inspection, gloves, rag, pliers and flashlight, plan/system for looking over equipment, chock wheels, headlights, flashers, engine, windshield wipers/washer fluid reservoir, air filter canister, wiring, hoses, braces/brackets, filter minder, restriction gauge on air filter, air intake system, hoses, coolant tank/level, radiator cap, transmission, bell housing, exhaust system, turbo and head gaskets, oil and fuel filters, oil dipstick, alternator, water pump, fan, radiator, frame rails, suspension parts, springs, air bags, shock absorbers, hinges for the hood, wiring to the lights, steering linkage, steering knuckles, cotter keys, brake air lines, brake chamber, push rod and slack adjuster, brake shoes, brake drums, inside of rim, inside sidewall, face of tire, outside sidewall, rim, lug nuts, hub, steering sector, air conditioner, air compressor, check for leaks, hoses, belts, equipment attachment and security, lights on front and right side of tractor, mirrors, fuel tanks, fuel level, proper reflective tape, exhaust system from the rear, driveline, leaks in the rear ends, debris between tires, air banks, tubing, fifth wheel, mounting brackets, bolts and sliding mechanisms, king pin connection, rear lighting on tractor, trailer, landing gear, lights, reflectors/tape, under-ride bumper, mud flaps, emergency equipment, fire extinguisher, reflective triangles, lights, engine, gauges, steering wheel, mirrors, windows, air brake system, trailer brake system, parking brakes, air pressure, logbook, onboard computer, written reports.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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