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Subcontractor Safety Orientation

Subcontractor Safety Orientation (11 min.) Each company or contractor has the responsibility to make sure all employees follow safety and health rules and any specific or special rules of the job site.

Topics discussed in this safety video are: a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan for employees, employee safety training, general safe work practices, training documentation, OSHA recordkeeping, and other required documentation, Hazard Communication program, including MSDSs, appropriate worker compensation and liability coverages for all employees, adequate first aid supplies and trained persons, emergency telephone numbers for fire, police, and paramedics, properly training for employees, proper safety programs and documentation required, a drug and alcohol free work environment, safe work practices, frequent accident prevention training at least every 10 working days, well planned/supervised work, no one permitted or required to work while the employee''s ability or alertness is impaired by fatigue, illness, or other causes, manholes, underground vaults, chambers, tanks, silos, properly trained employees in confined space entry rules, ladders, scaffolds, appropriate tools for each job, portable electric tools, electric cords, gasoline, appropriate personal protection equipment, machinery lockout/tagout procedures, vehicles supported by jacks or chain hoists without protective blocking, air hoses, excavation backfilling, excavating equipment, tractors, bulldozers, scrapers, and carryalls.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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