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How To Investigate an Accident

How To Investigate an Accident (13 min.) This video explains the basics of accident investigation and the benefits of investigating every accident regardless of its size or severity and why this policy is an essential part of your overall safety program.

Topics discussed in this safety video include: the definition of the word "accident," the purpose of an investigation, assigning codes for specific categories of the data, type of industry, the size of the establishment and number of employees, employee characteristics or the victim''''s age, sex, department, occupation, whether full-time, part time or seasonal, length of service, and how often the employee repeats the activity involved in the accident, a narrative description of the accident itself, including what the person was doing, what objects or substances were involved, all actions which led to the accident and a brief history of any preceding events that might have contributed to the accident, temperature, light, noise, or weather that related to the accident, characteristics of the equipment associated with the accident such as the type, brand, size, distinguishing features of the equipment, its condition, age, and of course, the specific part or parts involved, characteristics of the task performed at the time of the accident, both the general category of the task and time factors or the time of day the accident occurred, the severity of the injury and the part or parts of the body affected, statements from eyewitnesses, as well as taking photographs or video of the accident's location, the equipment involved and other pertinent information to verify the information in the report, basic form used and corrective action.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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