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Golf Course Maintenance Safety

Golf Course Maintenance Safety (13 min.) As golf course grounds keeping professionals, you have many responsibilities maintaining the golf course and surrounding areas that provide enjoyment for a large number of people. The equipment, chemicals, and techniques you use can be hazardous; however, being aware of the hazards and taking action to prevent accidents is what safety is all about. It's called Safety Awareness. It takes a conscious effort to think safety before you perform any job. Think about the hazard then take the steps to reduce the risk. This short video won't feature all the hazards associated with golf course maintenance, but it will give you an idea about some of the hazards and the action you need to take in order to prevent accidents.

Topics included in this safety video are: proper dress, follow club's policies, long pants, rings or bracelets, eye and hearing protection, shoes, respiratory protection, proper training, prompt accident reporting, equipment maintenance, club procedures for equipment maintenance, daily maintenance, equipment guards, riders, safety hazard reporting, battery charging, open flames, smoking, lighters or matches, non-sparking flashlights, electrolyte spill, adequate, changing/repairing plugs or receptacles connected to charging equipment, mixing acid to prepare electrolyte, storing, proper handling of batteries, blades on mowers, edgers, trimmers, missing guards or other safety devices, clearing jams, starting a riding mower, unseen hazards when mowing, mowing on an incline/slope, refueling hot motors, approved safety cans, fire extinguishers, string trimmers, eye protection, hearing protection, checking fluid levels, trimming line, snakes, chemicals, and MSDS.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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