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Backhoe Safety and Operations

Backhoe Safety and Operations (8 min.) Backhoes are one of the most common types of construction equipment found today and rightly so, as their versatility and maneuverability makes the backhoe the equipment of choice for most construction jobs. Backhoe loaders can dig, scrape, load material, lift and with specialized attachments, do almost any required task. No one should operate a backhoe unless specially trained and authorized by the company. Backhoe operators need a few items for personal safety; safety shoes, hard hats, safety glasses, heavy gloves, hearing protection, and quite possibly a respirator where necessary.

Topics included in this safety video are: backhoe loaders, seat belts, ROPs or Roll Over Protection, inspect lights, warning lights, and audible buzzer or signal, check the hydraulic system, check all the fluid levels, check hoses and fittings, inspect the condition of the tires, use the handrail or steps when mounting the machine, set the controls in Neutral or Park with the parking brake on, never start the backhoe from any position other than from the driver''s seat, riders, be sure the backhoe is secured in the upright position and carry the loader bucket low, close to the ground, lower the stabilizers so the wheels are off the ground, leveling the unit, check the boom swing,be sure all utilities have been located and potholed to mark their location, be sure your Slow Moving sign is in place, when transporting your backhoe, refer to the manufacturer''s manual for proper tie-down and loading procedures, and never smoke when refueling or handling fuel and turn the engine off.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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