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Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses

Pre-Trip Inspection - Small Buses (13 min.) Mechanical breakdowns are always a frustrating experience; frustrating for you and your passengers. By performing a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle before putting it in service, you can often avoid breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Today, we're going to talk about the pre-trip inspection. You'll learn how to do a Pre-trip Inspection in a simple and logical order. But, before we begin, let's look at the importance of a Pre-trip Inspection and why it's necessary. By performing a visual, mechanical pre-trip inspection before leaving the yard, you can greatly reduce the risk of having mechanical breakdowns or accidents while out on the road. State law and the company require that you perform a pre-trip inspection and that you complete a Daily Bus Report also referred to as a DBR. This must be done on a daily basis.

Topics discussed in this safety video include: muffler, loose tailpipes, hanging drive shaft guards, under the front of the vehicle, hanging wires or belts, open the hood, battery cables and radiator cap, water coolant level, oil filler cap and the oil level, belts, hoses, hydraulic brake reservoirs, set the parking brake, turn the key on, brake warning light and seat belt light, start the engine and turn on the two-way radio, right turn signal, high beam headlights, adjust your seat, inspect the driver's area, radio check, check the driver's seat belt and tap the horn, check the steering wheel, check your windshield wipers and washer, gauges, fluid, temperature, oil pressure, and voltage meter, front and rear heater and air conditioner for operation, open and close the passenger door, inside passenger area inspection, Department of Transportation or City Permits, accident kit and insurance identification, 3 safety items, extinguisher, First Aid kit, and reflector kit, interior of the vehicle, lap restraints, lap restraints, ratchet type and pull type tie-downs, wheelchair lift-bar and lift cover, jump seats, windows, emergency exits, top clearance lights, the head sign, windshield wiper blades, headlights, right-turn blinker, license plate, bumper, side marker lights and right side mirror, front tire, lug nuts, tire tread depth, hubs, valve stems, wheel rim, sidewalls, wheelchair lift, Brake Interlock System, right rear wheel area, fuel cap, 4-way emergency flashers, back-up lights and beeper, Applied Loss Test, Power Booster Test, Parking Brake Test, Normal Stop Test.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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