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Trucking Industry - Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection

Trucking Industry - Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection (9 min.) Obviously, the primary purpose of inspecting a vehicle before you get on the road is to determine if the vehicle has any defects that could be a safety hazard or cause the vehicle to break down. There are Federal and State laws requiring vehicle inspection, but safety is of primary importance and concern.As you approach the vehicle, note the general condition of the vehicle. Look for damage or a vehicle leaning to one side. Look under the vehicle for oil leaks, coolant, grease, or fuel leaks. Check the area around the vehicle for hazards such as people standing or working nearby, other vehicles, objects or low hanging wires or other potential hazards.

Topics included in the safety video are: keep the keys in your pocket during the inspection, perform your inspection the same way each time, set the parking brake or make sure the wheels are chocked, check the engine compartment, inspect the fan, water pump, alternator, and compressor belts, inspect electrical wiring, enter the cab and start the engine, gearshift in neutral or park, check the gauges, inspect the condition of the controls, check mirrors and windshield, clean and adjust your mirrors, shut off the engine and remove the key, inspect to make sure all lights are working, inspect emergency equipment, walk around inspection, check the condition of the tires, damaged electrical wiring, the condition of the air lines, and the condition of other items such as exhaust system.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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