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Marcom's Trade-In & Trade-Up Program

Do you have old safety videos gathering dust on your shelves? Marcom, one of our suppliers, is offering a trade-in program for companies who have old VHS safety training programs that they would like to replace with new, up-to-date DVD programs. The DVDs that you select do NOT have to be on the same topics as the videotapes that you are trading in. Regardless of the producer, for every safety video that is returned, you can purchase a DVD of your choice from Marcom's safety training library at 50% off our already industry-low prices.

Trade-In & Trade-Up Pricing Structure
General Safety & Health, Construction, Regulatory Compliance Retraining
Regulatory Compliance, HAZWOPER
$115 per program
$115 per program
$115 per program

How to take advantage of this offer:

  • Locate the safety training video titles that you would like to trade-in, regardless of producer. For example, if you would like to return 3 titles, you may order 3 of Marcom's titles at 50% off.
  • Choose from over 150 programs in the General Safety & Health Series, Construction Safety Series, Regulatory Compliance Series, Laboratory Safety Series, and the HAZWOPER Video Series.
  • Contact us toll-free at 1-866-400-5252 to receive a Return Authorization Number and to process your order.
  • Send the videos to:
    • The MARCOM Group, Ltd.
      20 Creek Parkway
      Garnet Valley, PA 19061
  • Upon the arrival of your return, your order will be shipped from Marcom. We will provide UPS tracking via email for your convenience.

*Offer doesn't apply on Marcom Kits.